We are so grateful to be able to partner with people to reach out and serve others. Hear from one of our team members, Sarah, that traveled with us to ElĀ Salvador in July. This was her very first international mission trip and we were so happy to have her serve alongside us! Here’s what Sarah had to say about her mission trip experience;

“Being a part of the core team for El Salvador was both an honor and a blessing. This was my first international trip and I was unsure of what to expect of theĀ culture, the climate, and the people. Once I made the decision to be part of the team I decided to remain open minded and began preparing spiritually. I felt in my heart that this trip would be life changing and I was truly ready for God to use me however he had planned. My decision to go with the team never wavered. No matter how much I prepared – I could not truly wrap my mind around what would unfold until we stepped out of the airport and into a whole new Culture. As our boat edged up against the island in which we’d be living for the next 6 days, children ran to greet us and my heart was immediately filled. Each person we encountered wanted to learn about who we were and truly embraced our presence and our desire to learn about their family’s and the island’s needs.

The relationships were rich, and even though we spoke a different language we all shared a very bold love for God! We gathered in church and in the community praying for their health, safety, and basic needs to be met. I experienced many emotions as we met with several families. The grandmothers and mothers shared with us that we were a direct answer to their prayers and in those moments I knew I was in the right place. Each person on our team brought a spiritual gift to be shared and each one of us received a blessing back tenfold. In those moments I knew making this decision to be part of a partnership, discipling to God’s people around the globe was one I would never regret.”