Exciting news as we have complete our first phase of the Bakery Micro-Business we support! Jobs are few and far between on the rural Island of La Calzada. Many people crab, fish, and take out shells for a living, hoping it will be enough to earn an income for the day. This is why we have made it our goal to partner with locals and help support micro-businesses that they themselves are passionate about and have the potential to support them and their families.

Nito and his Bakery is one of those micro-businesses in which we have come alongside with to help in the ways we can. We were extremely impressed with this young man on our February trip during a Business and Finances training. He is a very bright and well organized entrepreneur with a passion that no one can quench. This current trip in June we were able to donate towards the purchase of the final (and one of the most important) machines in order to do what he does best….make bread. The purchase of this machine is critical, Nito explained to us, because it allows him to make French bread in the way his customers want. French bread is the most bought on the Island and therefore it was very needed.

We look forward to checking up with him and hearing on how this will increase the sales and blessings to so many on the Island. Since we have completed “Phase 1” we are now looking ahead to “Phase 2” of the micro-business. This next goal consists of raising $6,000 to build a sanitary and efficient space solely dedicated to the Bakery. Currently, Nito’s home comprises of one bedroom and an open space where he and his other co-workers bake. You may be able to see from the picture that they bake on dirt floors with sticks and tree branches as walls. Having a small enclosed building will ensure hygienic baking practices and allow for a space efficient to run a Bakery.


You can click on the Donate button to make a financial contribution towards the “Phase 2” goal.