All over the world there are people who love their communities and country and desire to make them better places. However, the harsh reality is that many live in unfair and underdeveloped environments that are out of their control.

But what if we could share our resources and knowledge with those in need? What would it look like to walk alongside another to help implement their goals and dreams to better their circumstances?

Here at Reach Out International we believe in just that. We know that two are better than one. That by reaching out and connecting with one another, both walk away with something to gain.

Our goal is to be a bridge by connecting those in need of resources and skills with those who have them. We currently are identifying the needs on the Calzada Island, El Salvador and reaching out to those who may be able to provide the necessary tools to cover those needs.

Check out our website to see the current projects that we are involved with.

Together, we are connecting those in need.