More High School Students are Sponsored

Thanks to your generosity and support, we have met our goal to sponsor two new High School students as they continue in their education. Many young students long to continue their High School Education, however living on an Island makes it extremely difficult to have that opportunity. Since there are no High Schools on the Island, students have to find transportation by boat to the mainland in order to study. However, many families live day to day and ends don’t always meet in order to fund their children to study High School. That is why we are passionate to help these students realize their goals to continue on in their Education. We know that with Education comes many more open doors, which often leads these students to bring their knowledge and experiences back into their communities thus benefiting others as well.

Our three High School students, Francisco, Manuel and Sabina (from left to right) express their sincerest gratitude for your support.

Francisco is now in his second year of High School and studies on the weekends. He helps his Father, who is a fisherman, with work during the week and is also involved in a weekly Bible study and helps the after-school tutoring classes with our Education Coordinator.

Manuel is in his final year of High School and has worked a job to help him pay for his schooling. He studies throughout the week and attends High School further away along the coast. His final year of high school has many more demands which would make it very difficult for him to study and work at the same time. We are grateful to support him in his final year. He also attends a weekly Bible study and is helping with the tutoring classes.

Sabina is our first female student and most recently sponsored. She was one of the top in her 9th grade class and also studies on the weekends in this first year of High School. Since the recent passing of her Father and Grandfather, her family has been left with very little support and in financial hardship. Helping Sabina with her education takes a burden off of the family, which they were no longer able to support.

We look forward to see the things God has planned for each of these students and thank YOU for playing such a vital role in their lives. We could not do this without you and appreciate your willingness to reach out and connect those in need.

Thank you!