We are so excited to share the news that November 2021 brought a HUGE answer to prayer. We officially purchased land for the future mission house. It’s been a few years of waiting, praying and expecting God to move. Land has been extremely difficult to acquire on the Island as it is normally the few valuable possession that a person can own.

Flash back a few years ago when we saw the need to a mission house. There are no accommodations on the Island to host a mission team. By the grace of the Guillen family, they have generously allowed us to stay in their home, but it has always been a temporary fix for many different reasons. At times we have up to 20 people and it can be very difficult for the family and home to be able to accommodate that many people. Therefore we knew that in order to properly hosts our teams, allow the families home to be a place of rest and not overburden the home, a mission house would be needed. Across the street from the Guillen’s family church there is a beautiful plot of land. We would pray over it and dream of what a perfect location it would be, but found out the land situation and deed was a bit complicated be and accepted that this land was not meant to be for us. Fast forward to 2021 we received the phone number of the women who owns the land through a family friend and found out she was willing to sell it. Long story short, God opened a door (in a very slow way I might add, haha) for us to close on all the paperwork last November and officially call it our own.

We praise God for His timing and His ways and the Huge honor it is to invest in the Island through this land and all that it can turn out to be. Looking forward to making plans and building on this to leave a lasting impact and legacy on the Island for good.