We are thrilled to share progress on the Education Center building that is happening now! Truly, something only God could do, it is humbling to see how God-sized dreams are coming to life! To date, the Education Center construction is getting close to completion. This building will serve both the after-school tutoring program and the High School Sponsored students.

For the after-school tutoring program; they will have a classroom where the main priority is literacy and hearing God’s biblical truth and being transformed by it. They will enjoy a library as well as computer room.

The High School students will also benefit by having a dedicated work space, internet connection, and access to laptops for school purposes. Because there are no High School’s on the Island, students must travel off of the island and pay for that which many families simply cannot afford. Having the computer lab will also open doors for students to do distant learning.

We are still in need of YOUR HELP! In order for this building to be fully functional we still lack the funds to completely furnish it! See the attached graphic for the breakdown of items needed and their cost. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see the most current photos and updates of progress.

Thank you for your prayers and support!