How exciting that we have reached 50% of our $2,500 goal to help a young man named “Nito” with his Bakery micro-business. Since a young boy Nito has always been fascinated with bread-making and all things bakery included. He was fortunate to learn a few tricks of the trade and slowly begin to sell bread and “pan dulce” (sweet bread) on the island with what little he had.

After many conversations and plenty of “taste tests”, we are happy to partner alongside him and help him reach his goals to produce quality products to those in the Island. This micro-business means helping him sustain an income and eventually be able to offer employment to others (something which is a serious issue on the Island). Nito has many goals, a good work ethic, discipline, a passion for people and Jesus, and many other great qualities which we know will help him succeed in all his endeavors. Click here to read more on the bakery and more.

Would you help us complete “Phase 1” of all necessary capital and materials by donating to Nito’s Bakery Micro-Business? Click here to Donate to the Bakery Micro-Business! Please type in “Bakery” in the “Write a Note” portion when prompted.