The small island community of La Calzada, El Salvador is an underdeveloped area caused by a lack of education, jobs, whole health care, and ultimately the need for God’s love. Each of these aspects impact one another and we are working to address each area as follows:


  • Ongoing financial support and training for an education coordinator to teach kids in and out of school
  • Provide scholarships for students to leave the Island to study High School & College
  • Encourage local teachers & students through mission trips
  • Alleviate schools by donating needed school supplies


  • Identify and support individuals with initial capital to start their own micro-business to become self-sustaining income producers

  • Serve on mission to provide necessary training to further develop their skills

  • Partner with local (El Salvador) organizations & people to best support these entrepreneurs


(Food Initiatives, Healthcare, Faith)
  • Work with local farmers to maximize the care of their livestock and crops
  • Help families in need of immediate relief with basic, essential food baskets 
  • Medical mission trips and funding of specialized care transportation
  • Sharing hope through Jesus and reminding those of God’s practical love in all we do